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Pimped Out Aquariums is one of the top acrylic and glass tank manufactures in the United States. We focus on building aquariums that not only meet our clients demanding needs, but in far exceeding them.

Pimped Out Aquariums builds acrylic and glass tanks in all sizes from nanos to 1,000 plus gallon monsters. We also offer a full line of custom built sump tanks, refugiums and top off tanks. Pimped Out Aquariums also specializes in tank setups and maintenance. We can even build an extremely strong steel stand for your tank.

Please read below to find out everything you could possibly want to know about Pimped Out Aquariums.
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Pimped Out Aquariums Limited Life Time Warranty

Thank you for purchasing an aquarium from Pimped Out Aquariums. Pimped Out Aquariums has a prorated warranty for life. This warranty is for the original Purchaser and is nontransferable.

With proof of purchase for the first 365 days 100% replacement of tank for a defective tank.

Second year, 12 to 24 months from date of purchase, for defective tank replacement, customer pays 30% of prevailing price.

Third-year, 24 to 36 months from date of purchase, for defective replacement, Customer pays 50% of prevailing price.

After three years from date of purchase to life, for defective tank replacement, customer pays 75% of prevailing price.

This warranty is for the original purchaser of the tank only, and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Conditions of warranty

Glass aquariums:
The entire bottom of the aquarium must be fully and evenly supported on a flat level surface. A sheet of polystyrene foam must be placed between the stand and the aquarium to compensate for any imperfections in the top of the stand.

Acrylic aquariums:
The entire bottom of the aquarium must be fully and evenly supported with a solid hard deck (ie. wood, granite, steel, etc.). On top of that there must be at least a half inch of polystyrene foam.

Scratches and crazing caused by use of wrong cleaners or chemicals is not covered under the warranty.

No changes or modifications can be made to the aquarium without written prior approval.

Metal halide ballasts must be a minimum of 10 inches above the surface of the acrylic.

Any mishandling, accidents or abuse of the aquarium leading to leakage are not covered under the warranty.

Failure to follow the conditions of the warranty above will void it. Repair or replacement of the aquarium will be at the discretion of Pimped Out Aquariums.

Return shipping to Pimped Out Aquariums must be prepaid. Pimped Out Aquariums is not be held liable for replacement of livestock or other consequential damage. Pimped Out Aquariums liability under the terms of this warranty is limited to the replacement value of the aquarium. Pimped Out Aquariums shall not be held liable for removal, shipping, installation or other incidentals occurred while obtaining warranty replacements.

The original purchaser who has completed a registration form below, mailed or faxed it to Pimped Out Aquariums 30 days of purchase, has maintained a copy of the original receipt and can offer the receipt as proof of purchase if requested. If the receipt is from a local dealer or reseller the receipt must specify Pimped Out Aquariums as the manufacturer.

The warranty does not extend to leaks involving bulkheads or connections. These are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and not warrantied by Pimped Out Aquariums.

Marine grade silicon is subject to occasional bubbles in the seams this is to be expected and not warranted against.

Stands in canopies are excluded from any warranty expressed or implied.

To be effective this warranty sheet must be filled out completely and mailed or faxed to us within 30 days of purchase. If purchased directly from Pimped Out Aquariums proof of purchase must accompany the registration.
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