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Acrylic Tanks

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In recent years Acrylic Tanks have become a very popular choice with aquarium enthusiasts. Acrylic is a much stronger alternative to the traditional glass aquarium. While offering superior strength, acrylic also provides a crystal clear viewing pane and reduced weight when compared to glass.

Acrylic is our most requested material to make custom aquariums out of. We have been making acrylic tanks for many years in all shapes and sizes. From the smallest nano tanks to monster tanks well over 1,000 gallons, Pimped Out Aquariums has done it all. We use a custom glue mixture that we have perfected over years of trials, and offer a acrylic tank solution that is matched by nobody.

On this page you will find our reasoning why we believe acrylic could be a great solution for your next tank. We also have some pictures and videos of our most recent builds featuring a wide variety of custom built acrylic tanks by Pimped Out Aquariums. We will update this section with all of the newest acrylic tank builds we are working on as well.

To the right we have included a section where you can get a quick quote on your next acrylic aquarium from Pimped Out Aquariums. Please take some time to select the size and options you’d like to see on your next tank. Also please add any special requests, requirements or questions you have about your tank that would help us with your quote. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with the quote you will get back from Pimped Out Aquariums.
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Why Acrylic

There are numerous reasons why you would select acrylic over glass for your new tank. In this section we will try to cover than main reasons for picking acrylic over glass.

Weight: Acrylic tanks are substantially lighter than their glass counterparts. This means that when an empty tank needs to be moved, acrylic will make this task a lot easier. This naturally will make no difference when the tank is full.

Strength: Acrylic is much stronger than glass and also requires thinner material then needed when building a glass tank. For larger tanks this makes a huge difference, with most owners of large 240 gallon plus tanks preferring to go with an acrylic tank over glass. Also an acrylic seam is bonded on a chemical level, unlike glass panels that are held together by silicon.

Reparability: Acrylic tanks allow scratches to always be buffed out. If your glass tank gets a scratch in it, it is nearly impossible to remove. Most light scratches in an acrylic tank can actually be removed with the water still in the tank.

Shape: Acrylic can be formed and molded into almost any share imaginable. For the most part glass tanks are limited to rectangle or bowed designs.

Clarity: Acrylic offers a crystal clear view of your tank. Also acrylic refracts light almost identically to water, meaning the image you see through your tank is true and not distorted.
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Pictures of our Recent Acrylic Tanks
  • Acrylic Picture 12
  • Acrylic Picture 11
  • Acrylic Picture 10
  • Acrylic Picture 9
  • Acrylic Picture 8
  • Acrylic Picture 7
  • Acrylic Picture 6
  • Acrylic Picture 5
  • Acrylic Picture 1
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Videos of our Recent Acrylic Tanks
  • Acrylic Video 9
  • Acrylic Video 8
  • Acrylic Video 7
  • Acrylic Video 6
  • Acrylic Video 5
  • Acrylic Video 4
  • Acrylic Video 3
  • Acrylic Video 2
  • Acrylic Video 1
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