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Glass Tanks

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The go to standard for aquariums has always been glass. Over the years the type of glass used an aquariums has changed a lot, and today there are options that are both very strong and offer an extremely clear view of your tank.

For smaller tanks under 240 gallons the most popular option in aquariums is glass. With small tanks the disadvantages of glass such as weight aren’t that much of an issue. Also glass will hold up to more day to day abuse than acrylic, mainly being harder to scratch than softer acrylic.

One complaint with glass has been the light green tint of glass being used in home aquariums. In recent years a new type of low iron glass called Starphire glass has been introduced. The glass provides much truer color than traditional glass, and still offers the strength of regular glass. Many people request that only the front and side viewing panes be made of Starphire, but any combination is available.

To the right you will find a box where you can fill out a form to get a quote back on your next glass aquarium from Pimped Out Aquariums. Please fill out the size you would like, along with any extra options that you require. Also please add any comments, questions or special needs for your tank in the comments section which will allow us to get you a very competitive quote back to you quickly.

Below we will also frequently update our picture and video gallery of recently completed glass tanks. We hope that these pictures and videos will provide a good insight of what to expect when ordering a glass tank from Pimped Out Aquariums.
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Why Glass

There are numerous reasons why you would select glass over acrylic for your new tank. In this section we will try to cover than main reasons for picking glass over acrylic.

Scratches: The main complaint with acrylic tanks are the ability to easily be scratched. If you are not going to frequently clean your tank and don’t want to worry about being super careful while cleaning, glass is a much better option for you. Acrylic will scratch extremely easily.

Support: Glass has the ability to support the weight of water without needing much additional bracing on top of the tank. Acrylic does not offer this solution and will require extra bracing along the top of the tank. Glass tanks can be extremely beautiful when built with this rimless design.

Clarity: Acrylic has the ability to become discolored over time, which glass does not. By building a glass tank, you are ensuring many many years of crystal clear viewing.

Cost: In most cased glass tanks tend to be more inexpensive than a similar sized acrylic tank. This can be a big deciding factor for many buyers.

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Starphire Glass

Starphire glass is the newest trend in glass production. This type of glass achieves both amazing clarity and strong durability. Starphire glass is available in sizes up to 1 inch thick and is the most transparent option in the industry.

Starphire glass manages to have this amazing clarity by only having as little as 10% of the iron content of other forms of glass. This allows over 90% of light to transmit through it. The low iron content also greatly reduces the green tint found in standard glass. These factors make Starphire glass a great choice for your next glass aquarium from Pimped Out Aquariums.
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Pictures of our Recent Glass Tanks
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Videos of our Recent Glass Tanks
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