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Pimped Out Aquariums Provides a full host of maintenance solutions, from consulting on your routine maintenance to doing all the work for you. Even the most dedicated hobbyist might not have the time to spend on their tank, that’s where we step in and do the maintenance for you. Some people also might just feel like there is just too much to do, and we can lend a helping hand.

Pimped Out Aquarium s can manufacture steel stands to give the best possible support to your tank. Steel stands provide much more support than a traditional stand and do not have the ability to warp over time like wood. Steel stands normally also provide freer access to the equipment under your stand. Feel free to contact Pimped Out Aquariums with your maintenance or steel stand needs.
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Tank Maintenance

For both fresh and saltwater applications Pimped Out Aquariums can provide the best in tank Maintenance. We will do everything from cleaning your glass to trying to curing sick fish and coral.

Our services include, but are not limited to:
- Clean interior and exterior glass
- Check water chemistry and make adjustments
- Top off any needed water
- Check all tank inhabitants and treat for issues
- Check all tank equipment for proper operation
- Check and add your stock of food and additives
- Clean the tank substrate of debris
- Empty protein skimmer collection cup

Please feel free to contact Pimped Out Aquariums today to get a quote on having us either help or take over your aquarium maintenance duties.
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Steel Stands

Pimped Out Aquariums offers a full range of custom steel stands for you aquarium. Unlike wooden stands, steel stands will not warp, bend or break. For large aquariums steel stands are a must, but even for smaller tanks it's nice to have the peace of mind in having an overbuilt steel stand.

Another added bonus of having a steel stand, is that steel stands free up a ton of space under the tank for access to your filtration equipment. When treated with the correct materials, steel stands will also not rust or corrode.

Make sure you contact Pimped Out Aquariums to get a quote on a steel stand that fits your exact needs.
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Our Maintenance Pictures
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Our Maintenance Videos
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