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Here at Pimped Out Aquariums we have been building custom aquariums for many years. Below you will find pictures and videos of some of our favorite builds to date. We have a huge portfolio of work from over the years, and chances are we have experience with exactly what you want built.

We will continue to update our portfolio frequently with our latest builds and updated photos and videos of tanks that we have built and maintained for years as well. You can also contact us if you would like an aquarium we built for you featured on this page. We love seeing our client’s tanks mature and flourish over the years.

Simply click the below picture and video thumbnails to see an enlarged image. Or click “View All” to see the entire gallery.
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Pictures of our Recent Builds
  • Portfolio Picture 125
  • Portfolio Picture 124
  • Portfolio Picture 123
  • Portfolio Picture 122
  • Portfolio Picture 121
  • Portfolio Picture 120
  • Portfolio Picture 119
  • Portfolio Picture 118
  • Portfolio Picture 117
  • Portfolio Picture 116
  • Portfolio Picture 115
  • Portfolio Picture 114
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Videos of our Recent Builds
  • Portfolio Video 19
  • Portfolio Video 18
  • Portfolio Video 17
  • Portfolio Video 16
  • Portfolio Video 15
  • Portfolio Video 14
  • Portfolio Video 13
  • Portfolio Video 12
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