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Custom Sumps and Refugiums

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Pimped Out Aquariums doesn’t just offer acrylic and glass aquariums. We also offer a full range of Sump Tanks, Refugiums and Topoff Tanks that we custom build to fit your needs. Pimped Out Aquariums is now also offering some very excited design elements in our sump tanks and refugiums as well.

We know every application calls for a different sump tank. We can build a sump that fits your tank and stand to the closest fraction possible. Why buy a pricier pre-made sump when we can make one for your exact needs. Many times sump tanks are overlooked, but they are just as if not as important as your main display tank.

The best reef setups not only include an incredible display tank and well designed sump tank, but they also contain a refugium to help reduce nitrates and provide a more stable and healthy environment for your tank inhabitants.

One of the best ways to cut down on the time spent each day is to install an auto-topoff system on your tank. The solution makes sure that your aquarium also has the right level on water in the system by store fresh RODI water in a tank ready to be added to your system automatically when a loss of water to evaporation has been detected. Pimped Out Aquariums can build a custom top off tank to fit your every need.

Please feel free to fill out our quote form on the right and include all the details you can think of for your sump tank, refugium or topoff tank and Pimped Out Aquariums will get back to you ASAP with a very competitive quote.
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Sump Tanks

The Sump Tank is a vital part of any successful marine based aquarium. The sump is not an aquarium filter, but rather a tank where most of your aquarium equipment is stored. The most important roles of a sump tank are the exchange of oxygen, not only when the display tank water is fed to the sump tank through the drains, but also when ran through the skimmer. The sump also holds the main equipment like skimmer, return pumps and heaters. Also live rock can also be stored in the sump.

Sump size is a science to determine, and Pimped Out Aquariums can take factors such as your tank size and space under your stand or fish room to determine the ideal dimensions of your next sump.

Beside the standard sump designs, Pimped Out Aquariums is no offering sumps in a wide variety of colors to really give your system that extra punch. We also offer LED lighting solutions in your sump for added convenience.
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If you have the room for a refugium in your system, it is highly recommended that you run one. The refugium shares water with the display tank and sump and is used to house material that will help stabilize your system. Pimped Out Aquariums can even create a sump that includes a refugium, if you would not rather have a separate refugium tank from your sump.

The most important role of the refugium is to keep PH stable, remove nitrates and phosphates from the water and also oxygenate the water.

Feel free to speak to us about building a refugium for your system or submit the form above to get a quote on a custom refugium built for you by Pimped Out Aquariums.
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Top Off Tanks

A top off tank can be a very useful tank to have in your system. Given how much watch can evaporate daily from your system, it’s very convenient to have a means of filling up your tank with fresh RODI water when your tank’s water level drops.

Pimped Out Aquariums can build a custom tank that maximizes the space you have available for a top off solution. Please either contact us for fill out the form about to get a quote back on a custom top off tank for your system from Pimped Out Aquariums.
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Pictures of our Recent Sump Tanks
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Videos of our Recent Sump Tanks
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