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But you say he s just a friend

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Be an Informed Friend Anna was wearing long sleeves under her soccer jersey. But when Anna raised her arm, Monica noticed fresh cuts on her forearm. When she saw Monica looking at them, Anna said something about losing a fight with her mother's rose bushes.

You're aware that some people — both guys and girls — cut themselves on purpose. Could your friend be one of them? If so, what should Single man for married couple do? It can be hard to understand why a friend might injure himself or herself on purpose. Cutting — using a sharp object to cut your own skin on purpose until it bleeds — is a form of self-injury.

People sometimes self-injure by burning their Hot lady looking sex Wenatchee with the lit end of a cigarette, a lighter, or a match.

Their skin won't show cut marks, but it might show the small, round scars of a burn.

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Some people turn to this behavior when they have problems or painful feelings and haven't found another way to cope or get relief. But sometimes they confide in a friend. Sometimes a friend might find out in another way. Your Feelings It can be upsetting to Beautiful mature ready love Gillette that a friend has been cutting.

You might feel confused or scared. You may feel sad or sorry that your friend is hurting herself in this way. You might even be mad — or feel like your friend has been hiding something from you.

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You might wonder what to say, whether to say anything at all, or if there is anything you can do to help a friend who cuts. It can help Single housewives want porno dating Davenport to know more about cutting, why some people do it, and how they can stop. Sharing this information with your friend can be a caring act, and it might help her or him take the first step toward Slutty Cambridge women. Understanding why a friend may be cutting can help you be supportive.

But what can you actually do to help your friend stop? The first thing is to be realistic about what you can achieve: As with any damaging behavior such as alcoholism, drugs, or eating disorderssome people just may not be ready to acknowledge the problem and stop.

So don't put Gifford Washington morning pussy nsa much pressure on yourself — your friend's problem could be a longstanding one that requires help from a professional therapist or counselor. Therapists who specialize in treating adolescents often are experienced in working with people who self-injure and can also help with other issues or emotional pain they might.

Ways to Help Here are some things that you can try to help a friend who cuts: Talk about it.

Try. Let your friend know that you won't judge and that you want to help if you. If your friend still won't talk about it, just let him or her know the offer stands and you are open to talking anytime.

Sometimes it helps to let a friend know that you care. Still, even though you do your best, your friend might not want to talk. Tell. If your friend asks you to keep the cutting a secret, say that you aren't sure you can because you care. Tell your friend that he or she deserves to feel better.

Then tell an adult in a position to help, like your parents, a school psychologist or counselor, or a teacher or coach your friend is close to. Getting Hottest horny girls in Reno may help your friend overcome the problem. Your friend may be mad at you at.

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Help your friend find resources. Try to help your friend find someone to talk to and a place to get treatment. There are also some good books and online support groups for teens who self-injure.

4 Ways to Handle Friends and Money | Chime

Be careful, though: Housewives wants real sex Redland some websites offer useful suggestions about how to resist the urge to cut, the stories or pictures some people send in may actually trigger the urge to cut in those who read or see.

And some sites promote a sense of sisterhood or solidarity that might interfere with someone getting help. There's nothing cool about cutting — beware of people or websites that suggest there is!

Help your friend find alternatives to cutting. Some people find that the urge to self-injure passes if they squeeze an ice cube in their hand really hard, draw with a red marker on the body Beautiful adult ready sex personals Seattle they feel like cutting, take a walk with a friend you! These strategies don't take the place of getting professional counseling, but they can help in the short run.

Acknowledge your friend's pain. Let friends who cut know that you get what they're going through by saying things like, "Your feelings must just overwhelm you. Pewamo MI sexy women been through a lot — no wonder you hurt.

But you say he s just a friend I Want Sex

I want to help you find a way to cope that won't hurt you Ladies seeking sex Cedar Hills Oregon. Be a good role model. Everyone experiences painful emotions like hurt, anger, loss, disappointment, guilt, or sadness.

These emotions are part of being human. Things to Avoid Here are things to avoid doing or saying: Don't deliver an ultimatum. The best thing friends can do is to be there for each other, accepting and supporting one another without judgment.

This strategy doesn't work and it just puts pressure on. South Burlington nude singles your friend know that you'll always be there to talk to. Don't accidentally reinforce the behavior. Among some people, cutting can have a certain mystique. If you're concerned about a friend who cuts, don't let your friend buy into the notion that the behavior is a of strength, rebellion, punk chic, or simply a part of his or her personal identity.

Don't reward drama with too much attention. Don't in. A few people may try to get others to cut as a way to be part of the group or to seem cool. They might dare you or try Casual encounters 81004 bc convince you to cut to see how it feels. Don't let peer pressure pull you into doing something you know isn't right for you.

Someone who tries to pressure you probably isn't a true friend after all. How Important Is It to Help? People who cut usually don't intend to injure themselves severely, and cutting isn't usually a suicide attempt. Most of the people who cut themselves say they don't mean to die and that they Woman wants real sex Tignall Georgia when to stop.

But even when suicide is not the goal, cutting can still cause severe injury or death. People who self-injure risk infections, scarring, and shock from blood lossand they can die as a result of extreme injury or bad cuts that don't get treated promptly. Without help, people who cut also may continue to feel socially isolated and depressed.

But you say he s just a friend I Am Look For Dick

People who self-injure may have other problems such as eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or severe depression that require long-term professional care. By helping a friend address cutting problems, you may open the door for him or Garrett PA bi horny wives to resolve other issues.

The first step to getting help is usually the hardest. What If a Friend Rejects Help? It's often difficult to help a friend who cuts. You may not see changes overnight, if at all.

Some people aren't ready to face what they're going through — and you can't blame yourself for.

Some people might not be ready to ask for or receive help with their troubles. You might need to be patient. Your friend could need time to think about what you've said.

People react in different ways Women wants hot sex Cooperstown Pennsylvania someone tries to help. But don't be afraid to try. Sometimes, honest concern is just what a person needs.

What to say to someone who is going through a tough time -

Sometimes when you try to help, your friend might be angry or say you don't understand. Or the friend might really appreciate that you care but still not be ready to accept help.

It's natural to feel helpless, Las Cruces New Mexico eyed girl downtown rsbrg, sad, or upset — especially if you feel you're the only one who knows what your friend is going. Sometimes it helps to confide in an adult you trust about the situation.

Sometimes even the truest friend may need to take a break from an intense situation. Be sure to Sarcoxie MO sex dating for yourself and don't allow yourself to be drained or pulled down by your friend's situation.