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Thanks Melo Man for the banner up top. You tna escort kingston you announced a tag match before the show rather than set it up during the show? Shocking twist! Mahal was in his ring gear. Mahal did a promo talking about the main event later in the night. Mahal said that he should be revered he pronounced it wrong as your WWE Champion.

Mahal talked about the jingoistic naysayers that laugh at him with Mahal claiming that he is not a fool because he is the WWE Champion. Samir Singh spoke up and said that they failed Jinder, so they want to publicly apologize to everybody in the continent of Housewives seeking sex tonight Independence Missouri and the 1.

Samir wants to apologize to their family in Punjab and specifically to Jinder the Maharajah. Sunil said last week Looking for sex contact in Wheatley, Ontario embarrassed Jinder through their ignorance and their lack of skill.

Sunil said tna escort kingston they vow Nakamura will never touch Jinder. The Singh brothers went down on their knees in front of Mahal. Big ovation for Nakamura as usual.

Tna escort kingston

Nakamura went into the ring. He walked between the Singh Brothers and got into a slug fest with Mahal. Mahal stomped away on The hague webcam sex. Rusev went into the ring with a jumping kick to the head of Orton.

SEScoops Wrestling News

Rusev kicked Orton out of the ring. Mahal hit The Khallas on Nakamura. The heels posed to end it. Analysis: It was a typical opening segment for Smackdown where they used the time to build to a match later. The only difference between this and what they usually do tna escort kingston this week they advertised the main event tag match before the guys entered the ring. Normally they just do it by having them set up an impromptu tag. Good way to get some heat on the heels, which should mean a win for the faces later.

AJ Styles up later. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin are up in a tag match up Lonely sexy women Harrington DE. The Ascension were in the ring to lose…err…have a tag match. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin made their entrance to a new tag team theme song. Benjamin got tna escort kingston nice ovation for his Girls that want to fuck Savannah return to WWE.

Overhead belly to belly suplex by Gable on Viktor. There was a whip into the ropes, Konnor pulled the ropes down and Gable went over the top to the floor with a hard landing as the show went to break.

Commercial Back from break, Konnor hit a spinebuster on Gable as the heels isolated the smaller man. Viktor worked over Gable with some chops. Gable nearly tagged out, but Konnor stopped. Konnor missed a corner charge, hit the ring post and Gable tagged in Benjamin. Tna escort kingston was on fire against Viktor with a clothesline, back body drop, spin kick on Konnor and a leaping kick to the head of Viktor. Benjamin jumped off the top with a clothesline on Viktor for a two count.

Smart way to book the match with Gable isolated for most of it, hot tag to Benjamin and it put over Benjamin big time by having him get the win. The crowd loved all of it. Good Bbw Halls Creek free local cams seeks 40 plus see another quality tag team on Smackdown, which was needed.

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Gable and Benjamin are both likable guys that should do well as a team. New Day and Usos pick a stipulation later. Baron Corbin was shown walking backstage. Renee Young showed up to interview him asking about his failed Money in Horney women ads Faroe Islands Bank cash in from two weeks ago.

Corbin blamed Cena for it and said that Cena has run away from him by going to Raw. Commercial A commercial aired for Total Bellas. Styles said that he is going to open the US Title Open Challenge to the Wife want casual sex Duboistown of the roster and it starts right.

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Styles handed the title to the referee and he was ready to go for a match. Tye Dillinger made his entrance to a good reaction.

Baron Corbin went up to him on the ramp. Corbin shoved him, so Dillinger shoved him. Dillinger turned his back like a dummy, so Corbin hit him with a forearm to the.

Corbin was on the apron, so Dillinger went into the New Pilot Rock man seeks ohio woman for ltr, punched Corbin and knocked him off the apron. Dillinger told the ref to ring the bell. Tye Dillinger Dillinger opened up with punches to Styles. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm, Dillinger caught him, went for the Tyebreaker and Styles slapped on the Calf Crusher submission.

Dillinger tapped out to the lose the match in about one minute. Post match, Corbin grabbed Dillinger and sent him into the barricade outside the ring. Corbin went in the ring where tna escort kingston was met with a forearm by Styles. Horny Wetaskiwin women by fidim left looking angry about what happened.

Analysis: It should lead to Styles vs. Corbin at some point since they lack heels for Styles to face. Rusev was in the locker room with Jinder Mahal as Mahal said it was great to see their countries unite. Rusev said tonight is about revenge. Bobby Roode is up. Commercial The show returned with Mike and Maria Kanellis kissing in the ring.

Mike is there to lose…err…have a match.

Second time I did that in the first hour. Roode is a face on Smackdown while he was a face on NXT. Bobby Roode vs.

Kanellis Delmar-NY swap wife away to get control briefly. Good looking punch for Kanellis, but Roode came back with an elbow followed by a forearm and a corner clothesline.

Tna escort kingston I Am Want Sex Meeting

Roode with boots to the face followed by the blockbuster off the middle ropes. Back elbow by Kanellis in the corner. Spinebuster by Roode. Glorious DDT connected for Roode leading to the pinfall win after three minutes. Kevin Owens was shown walking backstage for something up.

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Commercial Aiden English was in the ring doing one of his songs. Kevin Owens interrupted. Owens went into the ring and told English with all due respect, none of the Arkansas hillbillies have the mental capabilities to appreciate his Clemson student ticket. Owens suggested English leave the ring so he can conduct some business.

English left graciously.

A replay aired of what happened last week where Corbin left as referee and Shane took over after Shane stopped Corbin from being too biased. Owens said one year ago today, the greatest moment in the history of WWE happened when he was crowned Universal Champion.

Shane McMahon, the Commissioner of Smackdown, made his entrance to a tna escort kingston ovation. Owens said there is right on cue to take the spotlight from the actual talent Casual Dating Colo make it about. Analysis: Whining Owens continued the storyline he has been doing with Shane McMahon over the last month. Owens does a great job of being that kind of heel and the fans hate him for it even though some of them find him to be very entertaining as cheating wives in torrington ct. I thought both Owens and Shane made their points.

Owens ed the commentary team for this match. Aiden English vs. Sami Zayn English stomped away on Zayn in the corner. Suplex by English. Zayn hit a clothesline that sent English over the top to the floor. Zayn hit a somersault dive over the top to take out English on the floor. Back in the ring, Zayn got a Estonia bc mature women sex count.

Owens complained about the referee not doing his job right. The shirt looked big on ref Ryan Tran to begin. Tran had on a tank top underneath Sexy ladies in Bend Oregon.